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Anonymous.  Submitted.  (3) (PDF) Correlating Biomedical and Tibetan Medical Terms in Amchi Medical Practice | Barbara Gerke -
Anonymous.  Submitted.  (3) (PDF) Gender and Women in Tibetan Medicine | Heidi Fjeld -
Anonymous.  Submitted.  (3) (PDF) Naming and forgetting Sowa Rigpa and the territory of Asian medical systems | Sienna R Craig -
Anonymous.  Submitted.  (3) Tibetan Medicine Among the Buddhist Dards of Ladakh | Stephan Kloos -
Anonymous.  Submitted.  4 Ways Mindfulness and Meditation Can Help You at Work. US News & World Report.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  5 Tips for Teaching Yoga to Your Kids. Hot Yoga Studio, Grand Rapids, MI - Yoga Fever.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  (6) (PDF) Regional conflicts, collective identities and the neutrality of the clinical encounter: A note on tibetan Medicine in Ladakh (Vajra Publications, 2015) | Laurent Pordié -
Anonymous.  Submitted.  (6) (PDF) Review of “The Patient Multiple: An Ethnography of Healthcare and Decision Making in Bhutan.” by Jonathan Taee, 2017. | Barbara Gerke -
Anonymous.  Submitted.  60 Minutes Mindfulness featuring Jon Kabat Zinn.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  (64) CASEL Guide to Schoolwide SEL - YouTube.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  (64) Webinar: SEL Implementation Resource for School Districts (April 2019) - YouTube.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  Aaniiih Nakoda College : Sponsored Programs : Water Center.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  Adult Neuroplasticity: More Than 40 Years of Research.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  Advancing understanding of executive function impairments and psychopathology: bridging the gap between clinical and cognitive approaches.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  American University - STEP. American University.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  The amygdala: Current Biology.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  AMYGDALA | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  Amygdala | Definition of Amygdala by Merriam-Webster.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  Amygdala - Latest research and news | Nature.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  Amygdala | Meaning of Amygdala by Lexico.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  The Anatomy of Ephemeral Health Care | Department of Anthropology | University of Washington.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  AP 128: Human Impact on the Planet - Jan Kusmirek - Ascend Podcast.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  Archived: Effects of Technology on Classrooms and Students.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  Archives of Neuroscience | Run Regular, Age Slower, Be Neuroplastic.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  Archives of Neuroscience | Types of Neuroplasticity and Factors Affecting Language Recovery in Patients with Aphasia: A Systematic Review.


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