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klong chen pa dri med 'od zer/.  0.  gnas lugs mdzod/.
klong chen pa dri med 'od zer/.  0.  gnas lugs mdzod kyi 'grel pa/.
Nakamura H.  0.  The Goal of Meditation. Japanese Journal of Religious Studies. 13(1):63-79.
Kloos.  0.  Good Medicines, Bad Hearts: The Social Role of the Amchi in a Buddhist Dard Community. Healing at the Periphery: Ethnographies of Tibetan Medicine in India.
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Anonymous.  0.  Graduate Programs in Asian Philosophy and Religion. H-Buddhism discussion list (
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klong chen pa dri med 'od zer/.  0.  grub mtha’ mdzod/.
’jam dbyangs bzhad pa dkon mchog ’jigs med dbang po/.  0.  grub pa'i mtha' rnam par bzhag pa rin po che'i 'phreng ba/.
Anonymous.  0.  gsang ba snying po/.
Lingpa S.  0.  gsang gling me ri dzwa this/. The New Collection of Bon bka' brten. 173:379-386.
Rinpoché G.  0.  gu ru rin po ches gsung pa'i rgyal brngan lha bsang /.
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Achor S.  0.  The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work. :256.
Anonymous.  0.  Harvard University.
[Anonymous].  0.  HBO: Enlightened: Homepage.
[Anonymous].  0.  HBO's 'Enlightened' Take On Modern Meditation : NPR. Fresh Air.
Barsalou LW.  0.  Head up, foot down: object words orient attention to the objects' typical location. Psychological Science. 19(2):93-97.


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